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  • Pile Driving

  • Sheet Piles

  • Pipe Piles

  • H Piles

  • Timber Piles

  • Precast Concrete Piles

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  • Solider Piles & Lagging

  • Cofferdams

  • Bulkheads

  • Tie Backs

  • Rock Anchors

  • Soil Nails

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  • Drilled Shafts

  • Auger Cast Piles (CFA)

  • Drilled Displacement Piles (DDP)

  • Secant Walls

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  • Cast-In-Place Ground Improvement Elements

  • Deep Soil Mixing

  • Soil Stabilization

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Civil Marine is a global engineering solutions provider with international construction experience.

Covering many aspects of heavy construction delivery, Civil Marine offers construction services including concept, detailed design, procurement, supervision and total construction packages. Our management has extensive experience in civil and marine construction worldwide, making Civil Marine a reliable, cost-effective and intuitive project partner.

At Civil Marine, we strive for "best solution for project." Design, environment, location, geology, health & safety, critical path to methodology and budget—we take them all into account when partnering with you to complete your project. 


We focus on off-shore and onshore projects. With multiple services, we cover a variety of scopes making us a complete solution provider.

Civil Marine management has many years of experience working as specialist piling and ground improvement contractors in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and United Arab Emirates (UAE).



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